Part 1: Basic introduction.

HR Media Group recently had the pleasure of videotaping a variety of Yogi’s (Master Yoga Instructors). The Yoga Instructional Series that we videotaped will be used for a new information Yoga Website. It will feature a variety of different Yogi’s from around the world showcasing their particular style of Yoga Instruction.
Yoga is a philosophy that emphasizes relaxation and self-awareness. It is a practice that can be used in many different situations. It can be used to help you relax, relieve stress, and dissolve tension in your body. Yoga is not just about sitting on a mat or standing on a chair. Instead it is about participating in the process of relaxation and awareness as practiced by the ancient yogis of India and Sri Lanka.

The exercises offered by the Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) program at BKC are based on the “Neemka” movement of yoga, which encourages continuous awareness of the breath, without falling into thinking about or judging anything.

The practice of Neemka Yoga teaches how to be open to anything that arises in your life, without being afraid to let go and experience what comes up for you at any given moment; this includes emotions like fear, anger, sadness etc… The practice of Neemka Yoga helps us cultivate compassion for others and enhances our awareness with respect towards all beings around us.


After learning about the many different styles of Yoga Instruction, we were able to understand the different pace that we would need to film and how to best position ourselves to achieve the optimal videotaping experience for instructional purposes. Our biggest two challenges when filming outside was always the sun and then the wireless microphones. Learn more about the details of our challenges as the series continues. Being prepared for the unexpected was our best production solution. Remain calm, fix the problem, then move on. Namaste.